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City of Lynchburg

900 Church Street, Lynchburg, VA, 24504, US


Lynchburg Residential Rental Inspection Program Registration for Existing Rentals and Short-Term Rentals Within the Rental Inspection District

Additional Short-Term (Airbnb) fees will apply from the Commissioner of Revenue / Zoning Department


Maintaining Lynchburg Rentals as Habitable and “Good to Go”

Use this form for one or more the following:

Register New Rental Unit 

Complete Registration Form and Schedule a Rental Inspection Appointment  

  1. Register each rental dwelling unit (NEW self-service)
  2. Schedule an inspection~Rental Inspection Scheduler for owners/managers
    1. Use the rental appointment scheduler 
    2. Don't forget to sign the registration form and use the Submit button
  3. Owner will be billed for registered rental unit
  4. Register Section 8 exempt, non-rental unit, or vacant.
  5. If vacant or a non-rental, the dwelling unit will be added to the Vacant Property Program, with fees of $100.00 per year. The owner will receive a letter from the vacant property department. Visit

Already Registered as a Rental and Received Annual Letter?  

Complete only the * fields of the registration form and use appointment scheduler

  1. Already registered but need to schedule or re-schedule a rental inspection (owner/manager)
    1. Fill out the required fields *
    2. Use Rental Inspection Appointment Scheduler below at bottom of form
    3. Save your information in the scheduler  
  2. Pay all rental fees - Checks to be payable to the City of Lynchburg- include address of rental unit and REN#

About the Rental Inspection Registration Program

Lynchburg "Good To Go" Rental Inspection Program has special districts that require regular rental housing inspections for structures that meet specific criteria, such as dwelling units in the oldest parts of the city built in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, areas which receive CDBG/HOME funds and dwelling structures in areas with congested density. 

The Rental Inspection Program began its enforcement process in 2005 based on the designated rental inspection districts (see district list). Residential rental units in these areas are inspected by city staff to insure compliance with the Virginia property maintenance building code requirements and occupancy standards.

The inspections are required in order to help Lynchburg rental units maintain:

  • Safe and habitable housing for its occupants
  • Overall appearance of the structure
  • Real Estate values in neighborhoods 

Landlords and owners renting their property are likely familiar with the;

  1. Virginia Tenant Landlord Act 2019
  2. VA State Code of Virginia > Title 55> Property and Conveyances> Chapter 13>Landlord and Tenant  
  3. 2012 Virginia Maintenance Code
  4. 2015 Virginia Maintenance Code

Therefore, landlords/owners are expected to maintain Lynchburg rentals as habitable and “Good To Go” before occupancy. If the rental is currently occupied, the owner/landlord is assumed to have diligently maintained and provided occupants/tenants with a dwelling unit that meets the Virginia standardization of habitable property maintenance building code requirements. 

As with all property maintenance violations, the property owner/landlord is provided an inspection report. If violations are found and cited, reasonable time is allowed in order to obtain the necessary corrections of the violations. 

If the owner/landlord fails to correct cited violations, the inspector will proceed with court action for failure to comply. All building code violations are subject to criminal charges and fines.

Rentals are added to the rental inspection program upon observed discovery, complaints, new ownership, legal aid, and or city data.

Full rental inspection program information, rental inspection checklist and to check online for unit information can be found at

The Residential Rental Inspection Districts Consist of:

Daniels Hill Census Tract #4
Rivermont Census Tract #4
Down Town Census Tract #5
College Hill Census Tract #6
Dearington Census Tract #6
Garland Hill Census Tract #6
Tinbridge Hill Census Tract #6
Miller Park Census Tract #7
Diamond Hill Census Tract #11
White Rock Hill Census Tract #19 (formally 12&13)
Fairview Heights Census Tract #19 (formally 12&13)
Seminary Hill Census Tract #19 (formally 12&13)
Tyreeanna Census Tract #19 (formally 12&13)

Rental Inspection Fees

Rental inspections fees are charged to the owner as an initial rental fee of $50 (other fees may apply - view website: 

Rental Certificate of Compliance 1 Year and 4 Year

Once the inspected rental unit has met the minimum standards, a one or four- year certificate of compliance is issued. 

Rental Unit Registration (Not Short Term-Rentals)

Rental Property Address Unit #1 - per apartment dwelling/unit

Rental Property Address Unit - per apartment dwelling/unit

Rental Property Address Unit - per apartment dwelling/unit

Property Business Full Name ( LLC / INC )

Primary Owner /Landlord Full Name

Primary Owner /Landlord Full Address

Owner of record resides at this address as the primary residence

Property Management Agency

Property Management Company Name

Non Rental and Section 8 Exemption Form

Non-rental verified - Please check verification option only if applicable

Upload Documents/Image

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Based on data from the City Assessor’s office an Annual Residential Rental Inspection Notice indicating fees, a date and time of the scheduled inspection will be mailed or emailed to the owner of record (unless the unit is exempt, an active Section 8 unit/dwelling or is VA court recorded as an owner physically occupying/inhabiting the noted rental dwelling address). 

A $50.00 rental fee will be billed per rental dwelling.

Full Rental Inspection Program information can be found at

Get Your 4-year Rental Certificate!

Rental Inspection Appointment Scheduler

Owners/landlords or managing agents may use the online rental scheduler link below.

New rental registrations: Owner of record will be mailed a bill listing fees per unit.

Please schedule a date and time a minimum of 3 business days from today.

Use only if owner/landlord has NOT received a rental inspection letter with a schedule time and date. To reschedule and avoid additional fees, please call Dana Horne at 434-455-3922.

Acuity Scheduling

SIGN form and SUBMIT to confirm registration information or to schedule your rental inspection.

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For complete information about the Rental Inspection Program and Inspection Checklist please visit:

Contact: Dana Horne, Eds., CZA

Property Maintenance Official - Rental