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Community Development Inspections Division

900 Church Street Lynchburg, Va 24504


Shrink-Swell Soil Disclaimer

Doug Saunders, Building Official, (434) 455-3925

I am aware that parts of Central Virginia, including the City of Lynchburg, have been identified as areas that may contain shrink-soil. I am also aware that (i) shrink-soil is a type of soil that places higher than normal stress on foundations by expanding when wet and contracting when dry and (ii) the Uniform Statewide Building Code requires specially engineered foundations in shrink-swell soil to avoid foundation damage. Further, I am aware that the only conclusive way to determine the presence of shrink-swell soil is through soil testing procedures conducted by a qualified engineer.


Being fully aware of these facts I have decided not to conduct shrink-soil testing on the building site listed below. I understand the the City has not tested the building site for the presence of shrink-swell soil and the issuance of building permits by the City of Lynchburg and subsequent inspections by the City's code officials is not a guarantee that shrink-swell soil is not present at the development site. I also understand that in the event it is determined shrink-swell soil is present on the building site I am fully responsible for any problems created by the presence of shrink-soil and the City, its employees and officials, have no responsibility to me or any future owner(s) of the development site for any problems that may be caused by the presence of the shrink-soil.

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