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City of Lynchburg

900 Church Street, Lynchburg, VA, 24504, US



Paint the Park Project Artist Application and Agreement

Lynchburg Parks & Recreation is currently accepting applications from artists for Paint the Park at the downtown Lynchburg Skate Park. 

Please send all questions, comments, or concerns to the event organizer, Megan Heatwole, at (434) 455-5891 or

Artist Name:



File types accepted: JPEG, PNG, WORD, PDF. 

Attach a rough sketch of your design image, can be in color or black and white.

Design Image (Attach)


• All who wish to paint at the Skate Park must fill out an application, and obtain a permit from the Parks & Recreation Department. 

• Permits must be present when painting. 

• Hours of painting will be from sunrise to sundown. 

• When designing your artwork consider the following theme: “Inclusion, Expression, Progression” 

• ARTISTS must be 18 years of age or older to use spray paint at our designated graffiti locations. Minors are encouraged to paint, but must have a parent or guardian present. 

• No drinking or possession of open alcoholic beverages. 

• No usage or sale of controlled substances. 



The City of Lynchburg reserves the right to restrict or remove artwork deemed inappropriate. Artwork that contains the following content is not permitted: 

• Business promotions or advertisements. 

• Breach of intellectual property, brands, or trademarks 

• Depictions of illegal activity 

• Racism 

• Hate Speech 

• Extreme violence 

• Drug references 

• Gang references 

• Profanity 

• Pornography 



The permit area for the Paint the Park Project includes all of the surface areas within the skate park fencing. 



To obtain a permit all artists must: 

· Fill out an application, submit a sketch of proposed design, and sign a waiver. 

· Restrict painting to designated and approved area. 

· Keep the area where they are painting free of all trash while painting and upon completion of their work regardless of whether the trash is theirs or not. 

· Stop painting and complete clean-up at least one half-hour prior to sundown. 



Please allow for up to 10 business days for review and permitting. Artists will only be able to paint on the dates and times as listed on permit. 



General Safety Regulations for All Artists 

It is advised that all artists using paint should read and follow the instructions on the back of the container of the particular brand of spray paint or bucket paint that they are using. 

· Artists are encouraged to use latex or vinyl gloves while painting to protect their hands from prolonged exposure to paint. 

· After painting, artists should clean their hands thoroughly with soap and water. 

· Individuals under the age of eighteen may not use spray paint in the area. 

· In case of eye contact with paint, flush thoroughly with large amounts of water for 15 minutes and get medical attention. 


Safety Regulations for Spray Paint 

All artists are encouraged to wear a NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) approved respirator with fresh cartridges while using spray paint. Respirators should not only limit paint mist but the chemical vapors by using a respirator that has replaceable chemical cartridge filters. 

Chemical Cartridges - (Gas and/or Vapor-removing Cartridge-type Respirators) are filled with specially treated activated carbon, which will adsorb certain gases and/or vapors. You should change the cartridges when you taste or smell a substance, or your eyes, throat or respiratory system become irritated. It's best to schedule a cartridge "change-out" before you notice that you are being exposed to the contaminant. 

Small children, pregnant women or women whom suspect they may be pregnant should not breathe paint fumes, and should maintain a distance of at least 25 feet from any people actively using spray paint. 

Vapors from spray paint are harmful. Vapors may affect the brain or nervous system causing dizziness, headache or nausea, cause eye skin, nose and throat irritation. Use with adequate ventilation at all times. Avoid continuous breathing of vapor and spray mist. To avoid breathing vapors or spray mist, only paint when there is a breeze present. If you experience eye watering, headaches, or dizziness, stop painting. Before painting further, increase fresh air or wear respiratory protection such as a NIOSH approved respirator with fresh cartridges. 

· All used spray cans should be deposited in the specially marked trashcans that are reserved for spray paint only. 

· Reports have associated repeated and prolonged occupational exposure to solvents with permanent brain and nervous system damage. Intentional misuse by deliberately concentrating and inhaling spray paint vapors may be harmful or fatal. 

· Spray paint is flammable when it comes in contact with an open flame. No smoking while using spray paint. 

· Artists should use caution when using spray paint to ensure that the tip is facing away from them when they spray. 

· Do not puncture, incinerate, burn or store spray paint above 120 degrees Fahrenheit. 


Lynchburg Parks & Recreation will not be held responsible for any loss, liability, or damages that might arise from my presence in and around the Lynchburg downtown skate park, or my participation as an artist who paints  on the park. I take full responsibility for any and all of my actions while occupying the Skate Park area. Lynchburg Parks & Recreation has the right to use images of any artwork submitted for display to help promote the park or local public art. Artist accreditation will be given when possible, but Lynchburg Parks & Recreation is not responsible for omissions in any publication. 

I have read and understand the above statements. My signature below indicates I agree to the terms listed.

Signature of Applicant (If Under 18, Parent/Guardian Must Sign)

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 The Lynchburg Parks and Recreation Department complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act for qualified individuals. If reasonable accommodation is needed, please tell us upon registering and at least ten days prior to the event.