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Public Works Engineering

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Certificate of Insurance Requirement

The applicant shall furnish the City of Lynchburg a Certificate of Insurance which reflects a general liability limit of at least $1,000,000 names the City of Lynchburg, its agents, and its employees as additional insured. The certificate must be approved by the Risk Management Department (455-3815). As a provision of this permit the permittee shall, upon expiration of the permit, return the public right-of-way being used to be returned to its existing condition at the time of permit issuance. Should that not be accomplished within two (2) days of expiration, completion, revocation, or termination of the permitted activity, the City will perform the necessary work and the permittee agrees to reimburse the City for the associated costs.

By signing below, the permittee agrees to abide by the fees and conditions pertaining to the specific type of use being permitted, which are set forth in the attached documents.

The undersigned hereby agrees to abide by all City regulations controlling permitted use of the right-of-way, and further acknowledges that violation of permit conditions and or City Code will result in the revocation of this permit and the violator being charged with a fourth degree misdemeanor under the Virginia Statutes.

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