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City of Lynchburg International Festival Committee

900 Church St, Lynchburg VA 24504

(434) 455-4200

International Festival Volunteer Form

On Saturday, May 4, 2024, International Festival Volunteers are needed to:

  • help with tent set up and assist with vendor set up
  • distribution and storage of international flags
  • assist with parade logistics
  • activity assistance during the event
  • assist with kid's zone activities
  • event clean up

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City of Lynchburg Volunteer Hold Harmless Agreement

The City of Lynchburg is allowing me to participate in a volunteer activity sponsored by the City of Lynchburg. I am fully aware that there are inherent risks associated with serving as a volunteer, which risks include, but are not limited to, the possibility of bodily injury, physical disability, physical and mental disease, death, and property damage. Understanding activity and in consideration of the City allowing me to participate, I assume full responsibility for such risks. I agree that neither I nor my legal representatives, heirs or assigns, will hold the City, its officials, employees or agents responsible for any injuries, disabilities, physical and mental diseases, death, property damage, or losses and expense of any nature whatsoever that I may sustain as a result of my participation in the volunteer activity, whether caused by negligence of the City, its officers, employees and agents, or otherwise.

I understand that my participation in the volunteer activity between myself and the City. I understand that since I am not an employee of the City in the usual course of the City’s business, that I will not be eligible for coverage and benefits under the Virginia Worker’s Compensation Act or the Virginia Unemployment Compensation Act. I also understand that I will not be entitled to receive any wages because of my participation in the volunteer activity. I understand that the City does have an insurance plan for volunteers that provides limited excess personal injury and personal liability coverage that will be available to me provided I am approved in writing by the Risk Manager for the City as a volunteer for this program.

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