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City of Lynchburg

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Lynchburg Lyrics Songwriters Contest Application

Lynchburg Parks & Recreation is currently accepting applications from songwriters and musicians for the Lynchburg Lyrics Songwriters Competition. Established and aspiring songwriters of Lynchburg and the surrounding area are encouraged to apply. The official deadline for entries is March 4, 2021. A performance competition for selected finalists will be held Friday, April 30, 2021 at the Miller Center Theater.

Please send all questions, comments, or concerns to the event organizer, Megan Heatwole, at (434) 455-5891 or

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Songs may have multiple co-writers, but only one name should be designated on the application.

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Songwriters may submit up to two original songs for the $10 fee. Only one song will be selected.

Audio Files: 

  • Acceptable online/ digital formats include video link, .mp3, .m4a, .ogg, or .wav files. 
  • For mail-in entries, it is preferred that entrant put all entries on one CD or tape, and it is required that the song(s) for submission and name of entrant be clearly marked on the CD, tape, or video. It is entrant's responsibility to ensure that the submitted song(s) are complete and playable.

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Lynchburg Parks & Recreation will not be held responsible for any damage or loss. Lynchburg Parks & Recreation has the right to use images of any artwork submitted for display to help promote the event. Artist accreditation will be given when possible, but Lynchburg Parks & Recreation is not responsible for omissions in any publication. 

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All participants must pay the $20 entry fee to enter. All entry fees are nonrefundable. 

$20 Application Fee

 The Lynchburg Parks and Recreation Department complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act for qualified individuals. If reasonable accommodation is needed, please tell us upon registering and at least ten days prior to the event.